Primebit Profit

Generate $2,400 In 24 Hours On Auto-Pilot. Take Advantage of The Official Primebit Profit Trading App!


What Is Online Trading?

Online Trading has been around for quite a while now. It's origins are old, but in modern times it refers to the purchasing or sale of contracts. In this case, digital contracts that expire according to preset criteria.

There may be countless reasons as to why you made a decision to start trading. Here are some of the more well-known reasons.

  • You searched for a certain term on Google.
  • A friend mentioned it during a conversation.
  • You saw an advertisement about online trading.

The why isn’t really important as the fact that you have finally arrived. Online trading is a very exciting prospect and provides ample opportunities, especially for new members.

Can You Generate Profits Through Online Trading?

The short answer is yes. However, you had best partner with the correct trading software. Primebit Profit is a leader in algo-based trading. Our coders are highly trained professionals with engineering degrees and experience one can only dream of. That means the tools are available and completely at your disposal. It’s basically up to you how much you wish to risk in order to generate profits on auto-pilot. You should know that there is no reward with a certain degree of risk. That being said, Prime Bit offers is your best possible bet given what’s out there.

A Diverse Assets Index!

Primebit Profit offers over +260 assets. These include stocks, Forex, cryptocurrencies, indices, commodities, and shares. We invite you to become a part of our trading community today and take advantage of our diverse assets index. You will not find more diversity anywhere else!

Taking Your Emotion Out Of The Equation!

Human Versus Machine Trading

Human beings are influenced by emotions. We get stressed, distracted, angry, or tired. We lose focus and that's bad for trading.

Automated Risk Management

The app utilizes 3 data sets that together act as a unique stop-loss feature. When a negative trend starts a reversal strategy is implemented on the fly. This helps you mitigate risk.

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No Hidden Fees!

Our app does not charge any fees! We receive compensation based on accuracy levels. The more accurate the signals the more our staff benefits. Its a total win-win situation!

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OLAP Cube Configuration

OLAP or online analytical processing is a method which uses multidimensional expressions to derive insights. In other words, the app uses a broad range of data sets in order to extract better or more actionable information.

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Super Fast Trade Execution

Primebit Profit uses an advanced cloud-server solution. This setup is unique and implemented based on custom requirements from our engineers. Our trade execution is both seamless as well as super-fast.

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Getting Started With PrimeBit Profit

Step One - Registration and Phone Verification

Registration is a super-simple process. Make sure to enter your correct details and fill out the form in full. You will be required to enter your name, email, phone number, and choose a password of your liking. Once you complete the process you will most likely receive a phone call. It is designed to verify your details. Members who do not verify their details will not be able to activate their app.

Step Two - Fund Your Account

After you register it's time to fund your account. Please note that you will be automatically redirected to the cashier section of the software. You may see a screen which allows you to use Bitcoin for funding purposes. Other times a cashier may appear which facilitates credit card deposits. It's also possible that the account executive who verifies your details may guide you through the actual funding process.

Step Three - Start Trading And Generating Profits

That's pretty much it. The last step is applying the correct settings. That can be conservative, medium, or high risk trades. You can do that your self or have the account manager do it for you.

Primebit Profit FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Money Can I Generate?

Up to $/€/£2,400 on average a day.

Are There Any Fees Involved?

In order to activate the app you have to invest at least $/€/£250. These are the only fees.

Can I Choose My Own Assets?

Sure. Choose any asset you want. There are over 260 assets including commodities, indices, stocks, and shares.

How Is Primebit Profit Different?

The app uses an OLAP configuration to slice and dice data. We also utilize 3 data-sets for the purposes of risk management.

Can I Use The App If I Have No Experience?

Sure! Primebit Profit is designed for newcomers and inexperienced traders. This is due to it's simplicity and ease of use.

How Do I Know This Is Not Some Scam?

Our reputation is impeccable. There's good reason for that.